June 2015

Ways to Stay Inspired When Work Is Uninspiring

Wake up, get ready, commute, work 8 hours, commute part two, come home, night flies by…Repeat! Sound familiar? Beating that Groundhog Day feeling can be an uphill (*climbs slowly with head hunched over*) battle. Or does it have to be?

Through my years of working I have had my fair share of uninspiring days. Somewhere in my monotony I found reasons to gain inspiration, maybe even create it by any means necessary. Here are 5 convenient ideas that proved effective for me. I hope they do the same for you.

1) Take a different route to/from work.


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A significant factor in ditching the usual 9-5 predictability is breaking the routine. Try taking a different route to and/or from work. Typically take the freeway? Try taking the street. Or maybe even take the street for a portion of your drive. Chances are you will find new destinations. A new coffee shop …a bakery for after work treats…a park for an updated exercise routine. Maybe new inspiration can be found in the people or the scenes along the way.

2) Do something different on your break.

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Now this one can be a bit tricky. At one of my previous jobs I worked a 15 second walking distance from Starbucks. So many of my morning breaks, in particular, involved breaking the budget on scones and black iced teas. Well deserved treats but not exactly fiscally responsible. Though the treats may prove to be very tempting, perhaps opt out for just a walk. Aside from my naughty Starbucks runs (insert menacing grin here), I also would go on 10-15 minute afternoon walks with a co-worker. Just a simple walk around the building and a quick chat would ease the stress of a hectic, predictable day.

3) Change up lunch.

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On the subject of walking, there was a point in time when I made exercise a regular part of my lunch routine. Sitting in a break room eating lunch every day is bound to make the average person at least a tad bit burnt out. And let’s not even speak of the dark but oh so common eating at the desk routine. Exercise not only gets you out, it’s also good for you! (Would you believe that?!)

4) Find a lunch buddy.

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While hermit life typically excites me…quiet time – yes!…every now and then a lunch buddy can help break up the long work day. Perhaps you gather your dinner leftovers and find a peaceful place to chat or gas up the car and head to the nearest CPK. No matter the menu options, having that venting time or just good, fun conversation will boost your mood and help pick up energy possibly lost through your morning routine.

5) Listen to something uplifting on your commute.

Now if you’re anything like me, riding in silence may be second nature. The quiet time alone to think may be promising. Though too much quiet time to think may not be such a good thing because, most likely, you’re thinking about work. So why not listen to an album that gets you dancing or a karaoke- worthy playlist? I’ve personally found audio books to be an entertaining yet positive option. Be it a juicy novel, a motivating self-help book or a thought provoking biography.

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Go ahead – give one a try!

Career Transitions: A Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith Post

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Ever had a tough career decision to make? Perhaps a relocation proposal or a promotion that required a sacrifice you weren’t quite ready to move forward with? Whatever it may have been, I’m sure it required extensive self-reflection and maybe even picking the brains of your most trusted confidants. Maybe you haven’t been at that crossroads yet, and that’s okay. Hopefully this post will help serve as some additional support should the time come.

A few years back I was working in an industry that I somehow “fell” into. My work ethic was highly valued and I even received a few promotions. Though at the end of the day, my heart wasn’t in it. You know, one of those “it pays the bills” situations. So at my last job in that industry I finally decided it was time to move on. Fortunately, I had a savings cushion to help until I landed on my feet. And I was in grad school so I had plenty to keep me busy in the meantime.

I had decided to focus on jobs in a new industry. However (such a dangerous word), I received a very lucrative job offer from a former employer. It was going to pay $7 more than what I was making at the time. Though I’m no mathematician, I know that $7 x 40 hours x 2 weeks= a whole lot more than what I was making before! Simultaneously I received an offer in the desired industry. The second job would pay $3 less.

I thought long and hard. I picked the brains of some of my own confidants. Prayed. Whatever would give me the answer to the catch 22 riddle of a decision I had to make. Insert juggling hands: Make more money in a field my heart wasn’t in? Or make less, have to sacrifice, but have the opportunity to break into a field I was a lot more passionate about?

In the end I decided to go with the job that was going to give me experience in the field I desired. Yes, it made less. And I had to bend a few corners to make sure my needs (not so much wants) were met. I did have a few thoughts on what I could have done with that extra money. But in the long run, I don’t regret the decision. Because even though things didn’t go perfectly in the second industry, it opened up so many more doors. And most importantly, I never had to ask “what if?”.

About Me


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I am a creative spirit who loves to come up with out of the box ideas and bring a little sparkle to the minds of others. Much like many people with a “9-5” job, work is a necessity while said work may not match the dreams and goals one may aspire to. So I decided to write this blog to encourage these wandering souls (myself included). To inspire those who may be drained by going to work every day and perhaps to an extent limited in what they may feel is their full potential.

I have an undergraduate degree in English (emphasis in Creative Writing) and a graduate degree in Education. Inspiring others through creative mediums gives me the perfect offspring in the marriage of these two degrees. Additionally I have 9 years combined experience in the fields of healthcare and higher education.

In my downtime I enjoy doing arts and crafts, creating new meal possibilities and reading insightful books. Then in the downtime below that time (i.e. when laziness set in at its best ;)…) I enjoy relaxing while watching “Chick Flicks” and “Rom Coms” (romantic comedies) or browsing cute outfits and accessories on social media.

I look forward to inspiring you from 9 to fly! 🙂


The Purpose Driven Blog

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When I first came up with the idea of writing a blog I had a certain vision in mind. A very general vision. I found this blog that I fell in love with through a random conversation with co-workers. I checked it out, just to see what all the hype was about, and found that all the things I enjoyed were all in one place – recipes, fashion, decorating ideas. Pretty much all things girly.

I dove into the blog full force. Looking back at past posts from years ago, discovering the names of the blogger’s cats, finding out all about she and her husband’s first home. Not that I was trying to be a stalker. (I know…the cat thing is borderline.) I just was so interested in the content that I wanted to know more.

So when I ventured out to work on my own blog I knew that I wanted to mirror that of my favorite blogger. I began writing articles but did not crank up the actual blog just yet because I struggled to come up with a name. During that time I continued to jot down my ideas and think of a name. What I found was that I started to look for more purpose in my developing blog. I wanted to inspire people. I hoped to make them laugh after a long, tough day. Above all, I wanted to create all these things in a place they could return to over and over again.

I reflected upon myself and my own experiences. What was I most  passionate about? What could I give back to others? I was stumped. But finally it hit me – work! The majority of people I talk to have some sort of gripe about their job. And while they may be very grateful for a job, there is still that struggle of the 9-5 grind.

We all could use a break from the weekday routine. Not to mention, the hard work that comes with earning a paycheck. So I hope this blog will create a safe haven for just that.

Here’s to you discovering ways to stay inspired from 9 to fly and beyond!