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When I first came up with the idea of writing a blog I had a certain vision in mind. A very general vision. I found this blog that I fell in love with through a random conversation with co-workers. I checked it out, just to see what all the hype was about, and found that all the things I enjoyed were all in one place – recipes, fashion, decorating ideas. Pretty much all things girly.

I dove into the blog full force. Looking back at past posts from years ago, discovering the names of the blogger’s cats, finding out all about she and her husband’s first home. Not that I was trying to be a stalker. (I know…the cat thing is borderline.) I just was so interested in the content that I wanted to know more.

So when I ventured out to work on my own blog I knew that I wanted to mirror that of my favorite blogger. I began writing articles but did not crank up the actual blog just yet because I struggled to come up with a name. During that time I continued to jot down my ideas and think of a name. What I found was that I started to look for more purpose in my developing blog. I wanted to inspire people. I hoped to make them laugh after a long, tough day. Above all, I wanted to create all these things in a place they could return to over and over again.

I reflected upon myself and my own experiences. What was I most  passionate about? What could I give back to others? I was stumped. But finally it hit me – work! The majority of people I talk to have some sort of gripe about their job. And while they may be very grateful for a job, there is still that struggle of the 9-5 grind.

We all could use a break from the weekday routine. Not to mention, the hard work that comes with earning a paycheck. So I hope this blog will create a safe haven for just that.

Here’s to you discovering ways to stay inspired from 9 to fly and beyond!


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