Ways to Stay Inspired When Work Is Uninspiring

Wake up, get ready, commute, work 8 hours, commute part two, come home, night flies by…Repeat! Sound familiar? Beating that Groundhog Day feeling can be an uphill (*climbs slowly with head hunched over*) battle. Or does it have to be?

Through my years of working I have had my fair share of uninspiring days. Somewhere in my monotony I found reasons to gain inspiration, maybe even create it by any means necessary. Here are 5 convenient ideas that proved effective for me. I hope they do the same for you.

1) Take a different route to/from work.


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A significant factor in ditching the usual 9-5 predictability is breaking the routine. Try taking a different route to and/or from work. Typically take the freeway? Try taking the street. Or maybe even take the street for a portion of your drive. Chances are you will find new destinations. A new coffee shop …a bakery for after work treats…a park for an updated exercise routine. Maybe new inspiration can be found in the people or the scenes along the way.

2) Do something different on your break.

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[Pictured: Black Iced Tea from Starbucks]

Now this one can be a bit tricky. At one of my previous jobs I worked a 15 second walking distance from Starbucks. So many of my morning breaks, in particular, involved breaking the budget on scones and black iced teas. Well deserved treats but not exactly fiscally responsible. Though the treats may prove to be very tempting, perhaps opt out for just a walk. Aside from my naughty Starbucks runs (insert menacing grin here), I also would go on 10-15 minute afternoon walks with a co-worker. Just a simple walk around the building and a quick chat would ease the stress of a hectic, predictable day.

3) Change up lunch.

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On the subject of walking, there was a point in time when I made exercise a regular part of my lunch routine. Sitting in a break room eating lunch every day is bound to make the average person at least a tad bit burnt out. And let’s not even speak of the dark but oh so common eating at the desk routine. Exercise not only gets you out, it’s also good for you! (Would you believe that?!)

4) Find a lunch buddy.

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While hermit life typically excites me…quiet time – yes!…every now and then a lunch buddy can help break up the long work day. Perhaps you gather your dinner leftovers and find a peaceful place to chat or gas up the car and head to the nearest CPK. No matter the menu options, having that venting time or just good, fun conversation will boost your mood and help pick up energy possibly lost through your morning routine.

5) Listen to something uplifting on your commute.

Now if you’re anything like me, riding in silence may be second nature. The quiet time alone to think may be promising. Though too much quiet time to think may not be such a good thing because, most likely, you’re thinking about work. So why not listen to an album that gets you dancing or a karaoke- worthy playlist? I’ve personally found audio books to be an entertaining yet positive option. Be it a juicy novel, a motivating self-help book or a thought provoking biography.

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Go ahead – give one a try!



    1. Yes Lady T! Inspirational music should definitely be added to that list.For me personally, any type of music as it establishes a rhythm for me throughout the workday.

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