July 2015

Can I Wear Sweats Today?

Ever heard the alarm clock go off and wonder how you’re going to drag yourself out of bed? Okay rewind that if you’re anything like me. Ever heard the alarm clock go off, hit the snooze button, hear it go off again, roll your eyes and repeat 3 times? THEN ponder on how you’ll drag yourself out of bed? Well the next question may be even more dreadful. What the heck am I going to put on??!! (Insert emoji with girl that has her hands over her head.)

On most mornings my answer is the question titled…

To avoid going to work in your painter’s best, try a few of these tips to gain some inspiration with your weekday ensembles.

1) Pick a color, any color.

pantone blueMulticolored crayons

[Image from]

If you pick a color, hopefully that will lead you to a match in your closet. Possibly even a few matches. From there your selection should be narrowed down a bit and make the job easier. Now if you’re one of those high fashion “I only wear black and white” people then sorry, I can’t help you. Perhaps a shade of black on a scale from faded to midnight? Just kidding!

2) Set your clothes out the night before.

Preplanned Outfit for Post

[Blazer: Forever 21, Top and pants: New York & Company, Flats: Aldo]

Yeah I know this may sound like instructions from your grandma. But the advice is tried and true. When you plan out your outfits ahead of time you decrease the anxiety of finding something to wear. There was a point when I would line up all my outfits, Monday-Friday, on Sunday nights. Not only was it helpful to have a pre-planned fit but I also was equipped with backup just in case one of the planned outfits went south. Currently traveling back in time with a flashlight trying to find and reestablish that habit!

3) Plan your outfit around a set piece.

Statement Piece for Sweats Post

[Necklace: New York & Company]

Got a new pair of shoes that you can’t wait to wear? Or a statement necklace that’s been hanging on your jewelry tree, begging to be worn? Use one of these pieces to design your outfit around.

4) Gather up all those cute OOTD ideas.

OOTD for Sweats Post

[Article from as found on]


OOTD: Outfit of the Day

With the power of the internet all you have to do is type in a hash tag or go from one social media page to another and repeat to find yourself hours later being 100 outfits in. And while you may not have the exact replica of every piece you see, perhaps you may see something that may spark up a new outfit idea. I like to take a screen shot of these ensembles with my phone for future use. Perhaps (hint, hint) to look back on those mornings when you’re desperately searching for something to wear.


What are some ways you pull together work outfits on lazy days?