Tips On Leaving a Job


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I think we’ve all had a job or two that we’ve created a movie story line for when it comes to the epic exit. You know, the “when I leave I’m going to…(insert choice action here)”. But truth is that most of those desired endings could come back to haunt you later.

I’ve definitely had my share of jobs where I would have gladly ran through the halls pulling all the fire alarms, just to tick everybody off. But time and time again I proved to myself that bowing out gracefully has always been best. I can proudly say that of any job I’ve left, I could be hired back if I applied for a position there tomorrow.

Here are 4 tips that helped me maintain my rep and possibly my sanity:

1) Always give a notice. And ample time at that.

Now I can understand that some people have been in situations where they’ve wanted to throw their hands up and take more than an extended lunch. But if at all possible, hang in there through those 2 weeks (or more if your job calls for it).

2) Establish contacts and desired references you’d like to have once you’re gone.

Not only will this help you in the future with jobs. But it may also benefit your colleagues as well in case they need you to return the favor. Also it’s good to ask while your work ethic and positive qualities are still fresh on their minds.

3) Do work in between giving your notice and your last day.

Okay I know it’s tempting to spend your time browsing Pinterest or planning for your birthday…another 2 years from then. But try your best! Okay, maybe a slightly longer lunch will suffice. (Wink) Though if you take advantage, it may later work to your disadvantage. The last thing you want is for a future employer to hear about your slacker status.

4) Show your gratitude.

Even if you’re moving on to bigger and much better things, odds are at least one person there helped you in one way or another. So make sure to say thank you! Be it in a one on one conversation, email, card – anything to express your appreciation.


Have you ever practiced any of these tips when leaving a former employer? Are there any tips I did not mention which you think others may find helpful?



  1. I completely agree. There has been a time or two that my dream dramatic walkout was all planned, and then I woke up and realized that I was only going to make myself look ridiculous ☺

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