4 Ways to Dress a Dress

One of the things that excite me most about doing a post on work clothes is that I can take my own advice. What you may (possibly) see here is a woman that looks put together with a planned outfit. But what I know to be true (behind closed closets…shhh) is a gal who gets out of bed many mornings ready to put on the traditional lazy uniform: black and gray. With that confession out on the table (wipes head in relief), let’s proceed to the dress.

1. With heels and a bold bag.



[Photos by K. Williams]

Black heels have a classic office look. Pair with the burgundy clutch (or other bag, color, etc of your choosing) to add a pop of color.

[Dress: Target; Clutch: Aldo; Heels: Forever 21]

2. With refreshing white and mixed prints.



The black and white flats create a comfortable option yet amps up what can be a very traditional look. Factor in the mixed print element that the flats bring. Congrats! You’ve just turned potentially drab to fab!

[Necklace: Forever 21 (similar); Flats: Aldo (similar)]

3. With jazzy black details.



Now the idea of any black accessory could easily be interpreted as boring or too traditional. But with the right pieces that could be up for a very convincing debate. Take the flats for example, the patent leather look gives a casual feel but they are dressy enough to hold their own sparkle. The gold detail of the necklace stands out against the black and green while the black roped detail pulls together the black theme.

[Necklace: Fashion Trend LA (similar)(similar) ; Flats: Aldo]

4. With earth tone compliments.



The tan boots and purse provide simple yet complementing aspects to the dress. This pairing is professional enough for the office yet cool enough for a weekend look. Consider adding a jean jacket to transform into a Saturday look.

[Necklace: Forever 21; Purse: H&M (similar); Boots: Aldo (similar)]



    1. Yeah that’s a legit concern for quite a few folks I’m sure. Like “for real, for real” (frfr). Lol. The first thought that comes to mind is hosiery. With the colder months approaching, I think black opaque stockings with black booties (maybe a thick, stacked heel) would work. Throw on a blazer to tie together the conservative look.

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