Maybe It Just Wasn’t For You

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There is nothing worse than wanting something so bad, not getting it, then having to hear someone give you the “it’s okay” pep talk that only puts you in more of a funk. Or even worse, that no holds barred type friend that gives it to you straight: “maybe it just wasn’t for you”. The imaginary knife then pierces through your side. You, the wounded soldier, then realize – maybe they are right.

From about the age of 8 to somewhere around 21 I knew with every fiber of my being that I wanted to be a doctor. There were no other options. But one day reality (or maybe the daunting science classes) hit me.  Something just felt like it didn’t fit anymore. I was pretty crushed. The world had ended. Okay, we all know it didn’t end because I’m here today writing this post.

Moving forward about eight years later, I found myself with credentials far from a medical degree. I had just finished my grad program and was interviewing for an advisor position. I thought the position would be a great stepping stone for my career endeavors in Higher Education. Not to mention the position was at a very prestigious university (cause a name is everything in our superficial society, right) so I thought it would be a great employer to grow my career with or at least boast on my resume if my experience led me elsewhere. I prepped hard for the interview – researched the institution and department, put my best black pants suit in the cleaners, wrote out questions to reverse drill the interviewers. The list goes on.  To put sprinkles on the cake – I knew a few people at the university and even had a personal connect who worked in the office.

On the day of the interview I arrived extremely early, mapped out my walk from the parking garage and sat anxiously waiting as at least two people ahead of me had their interviews…cause I was that early. Sigh. The interview went well and I was instructed to complete a follow up “survey” which would be emailed to me later. Turns out I had to complete a survey and a 2 page paper. Yes, for a job interview! Guess it was that competitive. But guess what…I did not get the job. I was incredibly frustrated. The world had ended…again. But guess what else? I’m still here…writing this post.

The moral of the story is maybe some things just won’t be meant for you. Life comes with its bountiful variety of disappointments. Maybe you’re like me and didn’t get that job you wanted. Perhaps what you thought would be your dream career is now only an afterthought. Or it could be something even more personal and heart wrenching, maybe who you believed to be “the love of your life” (man, woman, pet…it’s all fair game) got away. Whichever scenario rings most true to you, just know the world won’t end. A much more fabulous job opportunity will come along. And that opportunity will present a chance to do something you’re way more passionate about. (For instance, writing a blog to inspire others through the things you struggled to overcome. Oops…this isn’t about me. It’s about you. Okay, I’m back.) Or if you find yourself a victim of the love example, maybe you’re closer than you think to the true Mr., Mrs. or Rover Right.

Maybe it just wasn’t for you because the best is right on the other end of that road you’re traveling down.  So keep plugging along, you’ll get there!



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