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Many of the posts I’ve wrote so far have been catered toward staff. Tips on how to get through your work day, make the most of your job, etc. Well what about the big guns out there? (No, not literally.) I mean those that supervise staff and act as leaders in their various departments and organizations. If you are currently a leader in some form or would like to hold the title soon, it goes without saying this comes with a new level of responsibility. Now anyone can boss people around…make them copy your board meeting packets, type up the meeting minutes, go on a Sprinkles run for you. (That would be borderline greedy, right?) But to truly be an effective leader takes work. It also takes compassion.

I recently read the book Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht. Licht is the Senior Vice President of Global Communications for Donna Karan International and well known as the former Twitter personality, DKNY PR GIRL. Licht’s book is full of noteworthy advice, particularly for those beginning their careers. So when I first began reading I thought this doesn’t even apply to me anymore. As I continued to read I realized that the book contains a wealth of knowledge for those at various points in their career. I particularly enjoyed her tips on networking as well as on “Leading a Team”.

In “Leading a Team” Licht reviews the following questions. As you read, take a moment to reflect on what this translates to for you. Are you currently an effective leader? Do you plan on becoming an effective leader one day? Or do you hope to see these qualities described in a boss or mentor? Keep these questions in mind as you read through Licht’s  list of guidance.

From Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht –

“Leading a Team”

  1. Do people respect you?
  2. Are you a motivating leader?
  3. Do you have a clear vision about what needs to be done and how you and your team are going to accomplish it?
  4. Have you researched anything that might be happening at the same time as your project?
  5. Have you conveyed a clear message?
  6. Are you a good manager? (*Give deadlines but don’t micromanage.)
  7. Don’t assume anything is being done until you ask.
  8. Remember to be appreciative and thank your team.


If you are interested in Licht’s advice, I highly recommend you check out her book. I purchased my copy from iTunes but I’m sure you can also find a hardcopy in any major book store. If you have any additional tips to share on leading a team, please feel free to share!



    1. Thank you for the additional points, Lady T. I really like both but especially #9. I think many leaders don’t realize just how important and valuable to the team it is to be a role model.

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