Make A List And Check It Twice

To Do List Pic for Post_2

So perhaps Santa’s not the only one that needs to make a list. With the holiday season upon us, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on. A gift for this holiday party, stop at the grocery store for the ingredients to your potluck surprise. All while remembering the everyday duties like paying the bills. Definitely don’t want those fancy Christmas lights to stop working because you didn’t pay your electric bill!

To keep up with everything, I recommend to do lists. Keep a list on either an easily accessible notepad, in your phone or even on a post-it in plain view. Whatever the method you decide – just keep some sort of reminder. If categories help break down what you have to do, use them! If dates and deadlines keep you focused – add those too!

Lists are also helpful while navigating the treacherous malls and stores during this season. I like to make a list with those I have to buy gifts for and write next to their names the exact item (or ideas) to buy. Sometimes I even write which stores I need to look for the item(s) in. This helps keep me focused and reduce the anxiety that is somehow drizzled in the holiday air.

So if you don’t already keep a to do list, give it a try! And if you do, try breaking it down to make it easier to tackle. Please feel free to share your experience.



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