Fashion Passions, Social Media and Stripes

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[Photos shot by Kelley]

Happy Monday all! So I thought I’d do something a little different today. I haven’t done an outfit post in awhile and figured it would be a good pick me up to start off the week. I plan to focus on the idea of passion this week as it relates to our drive for hopes, goals and dreams. However, I want to start off the week a little light. I’m sure most people are still recovering from the weekend. And of course, the fact that it’s Monday once again. With that being said, I’ll leave the heartier passion related topics for later in the week. 🙂

I was recently talking to a few friends about fashion as it relates to social media. I see multiple fashion posts that receive tons of likes and comments. I shared with my friends that I too love looking at cute outfits and gaining new fashion inspiration. Though I still wondered what makes people (women in particular though many men as well) so passionate about fashion. As I discussed the subject, I had an epiphany. People enjoy fashion (and other creative forms) so much because it’s an escape from the everyday. Everyone has their own style. And some people may not be as captivated by fashion as others. But no matter the type, there’s some sort of commonality that fashion is a pleasing art form to the eye. Not to mention something fun and effortless to look at after a long day of reading emails, memos and any other mundane tasks that may occur throughout one’s day.

When it comes to fashion for me, I’m no regular at New York Fashion Week nor a designer clothing connoisseur. Though I too enjoy browsing for cute outfit ideas on the net for inspiration and even just as a pastime to unwind.

This post is an ode to a fashion passion of my own – stripes. I’m not sure why but I am finding more stripes in my closet recently. Maybe it’s the idea of getting various colors out of one piece while eliminating the effort of putting multiple items together.

So here’s to unwinding, ootd day dreams, fashion passions and stripes!

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[Outfit details: Blouse (similar), skirt and necklace (similar) from New York and Company; Bangle from Francessca’s; Satchel from Target (similar); Heels from Forever 21]

What are some of your fashion passions? How do you find outfit inspiration?



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