What Are You Passionate About?

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[Photo Credit: Shot by Kelley]

Well the week is over and Friday is finally here. (Yay!) You’re ready for the weekend. Time to unwind and get all of your fun, relaxation, randomness, etc. in before the notorious Sunday night reality, right? Well cheers to the weekend for sure! But you don’t want that to be the only thing that keeps you going from week to week. Believe me, I can understand from experience why that would be the case. Though it’s worth noting that it will take much more than the weekly anticipation of 2 days off work to keep you going in the long run.

So I pose the question: What are you passionate about?

Don’t feel the need to answer on the spot but take time to reflect on the question. And if after hours of pondering on the question you still don’t have an answer, that’s okay! It could actually be a good thing because the unknown will spark an interest within to find an answer. On the other hand, if you find yourself with a laundry list after hours of reflection – that’s great too! If you find yourself in the latter group, take the next step of reflecting on how to further explore those passions and dreams.

I wanted to quickly share a particular area that I’m passionate about. This is definitely one item on an extensive list but to keep this post quick I’ll stick to one to encourage a little inspiration. (Because there’s never enough of that!) I also wanted to share this because I’ve gained some new followers and friends (welcome! 🙂 ). So this topic also relates to the purpose of my blog.

My passion is to inspire people.

I set out to focus this blog from a work-life balance perspective with the goal of inspiring people through career ups, downs and in-betweens. This is so close to my heart because I hit a variety of bumps along the career road (heck, still do!) and suffered a lot of unnecessary stress as a result of being uninspired. So I hope to use this written space as a platform to promote positive thinking and share inspirational thoughts, topics and ideas. While I’m still featuring work related topics, I have been working to create more of a lifestyle blog. Because sometimes fashion, pop culture, beauty and other fun topics can be a well deserved break from the norm as well, right?

I hope to go into more depth about this and other passions of mine in future blog posts. But for now, let’s keep it light because it is the weekend after all. 😉 So while you have my permission to relax and enjoy time off of work (you’re welcome!), take a second at some point to think about your own passions. I’m looking forward to hearing about what drives you and keeps you inspired.

Feel free to share your thoughts, passions and reflections below. Happy Weekend! And Happy Reflecting Time!

P.S. Of course I had to end the week with one last post in my fashion passion – stripes. 🙂

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[Outfit details: Dress from New York and Company; Boots from H&M]




  1. Hmmm, after reading the question, ‘what are you passionate about’. It made me think, what’s my passion, to say the Dallas Cowboys & travel, doesn’t quite sounds right.

    1. Funny! Nothing wrong with hobbies that you love. And maybe there could be more to the travel like experiencing and sharing the world with your closest loved ones. 🙂

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