Lunch On A Budget: It’s A Wrap!

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Does the thought of a work week lunch bring you anxiety? Or even worse…a blank stare into space? And then the options start getting crossed off. If you pack a lunch then most likely that would require packing leftovers from a home cooked meal you don’t have the time or energy to make at night. And the kindergarten PB&J sandwich might seem way more comical than realistic. But if you don’t pack a lunch, then that will most likely result in eating out. As tasty and exciting as dining out options are, they can also be pretty pricey.

So here’s a suggestion: look for something pre-packaged, tasty and inexpensive all in one. (Yes, it does exist!) After testifying to all the examples above, I was in search of more lunch options. Well I found a gold mine at Trader Joes! Below are a couple of my favorite wraps paired with other TJ goodies for a tasty, filling meal. I also enjoy the salads and hot lunch options which I hope to post about in the future. For now, here’s to wrapping up the “what’s for lunch?” inquiries!

Turkey, Spinach and Swiss Cheese Wrap with side: Chocolate-Covered Almonds


Total Price: $4.98

Now I know a sandwich wrap and chocolate-covered almonds sound like an unlikely pairing. But the wraps can be so filling (at least for me) that chips may not be needed. In addition to being a welcomed sweet treat, the almonds alone are a healthier alternative and provide energy to avoid the common post-lunch snooze. Also the individual almonds allow you to portion for just the right fill up level.


Italian Style Wrap with Potato Salad


Total Price: $7.98

This lunch provides the perfect deli variety of Italian meats with the comfort food satisfaction that the potato salad provides. You also get more bang for your buck with the potato salad because the container has about 4 servings so you can pack a few lunches with it. Note: If you’re used to certain spices and condiments in your potato salad, you may need to dress this one up a bit. Though it’s not too bad for a basic version.


(*Selection may vary depending on your neighborhood Trader Joes store)


If these wraps spark your interest or you’re looking to try something new, be sure to check out your neighborhood Trader Joes for more wrap selections and other cool meals on the go.


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