But This Wasn’t In the Plan: A Career Reflection

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Kind of funny how life works out. Since a young age I had always aspired to become a doctor. When I got to college I majored in Biology because that was the common pre-med major. The Bio classes I took were okay. I was most interested in the fact that they would lead me to a medical career more so than having a passion in the subject.

Well after many tears, headaches and having to repeat a Science and Math class I changed my major. I majored in English (emphasis in Creative Writing) because I always enjoyed creative writing. The plan was to take prerequisites for med school after college (with the possibility of achieving a higher undergrad gpa) then continue on from there.

I changed my mind about medical school a couple years after college. Making the change in major (along with a few other life events) was the initial step to revealing my creative side. I ended up navigating my plans in the direction of education, specifically teaching. While teaching is still a goal I aspire to fulfill, I have come up with some out-of-the-box ways to see that goal become reality; particularly through my writing.

Through all these changes and life decisions, I never thought I’d meet back with my undergrad major face to face. Blogging was definitely not in the plan. Actually, while I was in college, it really wasn’t a “thing” yet. Years ago I probably would have laughed at the lofty goals I have now to inspire, empower and educate through various forms of my writing. Pursuing a career in writing, even in education, just wasn’t in the cards. Fast forward to present day and what do you know?!

I share all this to say, don’t ever count yourself out when you feel led to change your goals or find that something no longer suits you. True, you never want to give up on your dreams no matter how tough things get. But sometimes you have to ask yourself: “is this truly my dream?”. Don’t pursue a goal just because it will look good on paper or others will celebrate you for it. And certainly don’t do it because you’ve been at it for so long and don’t want to stop even if it makes you miserable or you no longer have the drive. Ask yourself if you are still passionate about it. Or maybe it could be the case that you still want to take that desired path but just need to make a few adjustments. If so, then adjust as necessary. Making that adjustment could make the difference of whether or not you have a fulfilling career.

Stay focused but be open and be hungry. A fork in the road isn’t the end of the road, it’s the beginning of a new path.


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