Please Excuse Me While I Put On My Work Face (Part II): Resilency


By now you probably had the chance to read Part I. If not, please pause to go read the previous post and come on back over. (We promise to save a seat for you. 😉 )

The purpose of this blog is to inspire. So writing the previous post was challenging. On one hand, I didn’t want to add to the dark cloud many people already had over their heads. Though on the other hand, I hope that others can relate through my transparency. I desired to send the message that they were not alone. The heartbreak was (and still is) at a community level.

So how does one maintain resiliency during this time? Here are a few thoughts on how to bounce back. Keep in mind, I’m not a professional but I have indeed learned from experience.

1) Take care of your basic human needs.
Eat! Get enough sleep!
No matter what is going on…good news or bad news…without taking care of these two needs performance will obviously be lower and mood affected as well. Take me for example, in my previous post I described how I was running on low fuel (and emotions) in the morning but after lunch I bounced back. Even if it was just enough to get through the day.

2) Don’t compromise your mental health.
This one is dedicated to good ole’ social media. It will suck you in and have your emotions boiling like a pot of stew on a winter day.
I have seen a couple of posts promoting mental health in the wake of recent tragedies. They all give common, helpful tips such as knowing when to log off and staying away from heated debates with those that disagree.
My favorite one said something to the effect of “Taking a step back from it all by logging off doesn’t mean you don’t care about the problem. But how can you effectively contribute to the solution if you’re not your best self?”. Golden words.

3) Embrace your co-workers and their variety of conversations.
I saw a few social media posts from people that were frustrated that their co-workers weren’t discussing the issues behind recent tragedies and racial injustice. I can understand this. I longed for someone to vent to as I struggled to get through the work day. (And thankfully I identified someone who was equally concerned.) But in actuality, it could be refreshing to hear a different conversation. Especially if you’ve been plugged into social media where people are outraged, sad and a host of other emotions.
I overheard a group of co-workers talking outside of my office. They were eagerly asking another co-worker about her wedding plans. It was so nice to hear their pleasant discussion. I welcomed the break in my train of thought. Not because I didn’t want to deal with the hard core issues anymore. But because my brain was on overload and if I didn’t regroup I would have been staring at the computer screen lost in deep thought.

4) Get some fresh air.
When I went out for lunch I was still a bit dazed and disoriented. But boy did it help to see the light of day. Being outside was such a refresher from being stuck in the office with my thoughts.

5) Connect with a higher source.
As a Christian, I find that prayer and reading my devotional helps ease my mind and remind me of God’s presence. Some may debate because they just can’t understand how God is there and can help us through the heartbreak that follows repeated senseless acts of violence and hate. But my thought is that a higher source provides guidance, wisdom and peace to get you from one level to the next. How can you act upon a solution to the problem if your mind is racing and your thinking is irrational as a result? A higher source is going to ground you in an unstable time.

I hope this post helps and inspires those trying to bounce back from all the negative, hateful and heartbreaking news out there.

Have a safe, peaceful week-end. And please remember to hug your loved ones just a little bit tighter today. ❤️


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