5 Reasons to Get Excited About Going to Work On Monday

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I know, you probably saw the title of this post and wanted to do one of two things:

a) Ever so kindly thump me in the eye (*ouch*)


b) Eagerly start reading because after all, what in the world could be exciting about going back to work on Monday?!

Maybe you even had both thoughts!

Well I admit, Sunday nights aren’t always a breeze when you have to go from chill mode to 5 days of hitting the grind all over again. But perspective is everything. The more you dread Monday, the more dread it will meet you with. So let me give you 5 reasons I’ve found to be excited on a Monday morning. Just one will do but if you have all 5 then…score!

1) New Audio

I use the general term “audio” because this could include a few types: a new album, audiobook or podcast episode. Many of audiobooks and fun podcasts have helped me through numerous days of traffic. Especially when I’m really engaged in the topic. It helps take my mind off of parking lots disguised as freeways and overthinking a work day that has yet to start.

2) New Clothes

Have you ever worn a new outfit on a Monday? It’s like walking into the office like…Beyoncé! There seems to be a joy and confidence that comes with a new outfit. Even if “new” means a closet revamp of what you already own.

3) Amazing Leftovers

Have you ever went out to eat on a Sunday or cooked a great meal and thought: “I can’t wait to have this for lunch tomorrow!”? This could even be better than the new clothes! After all, it’s the little things, right?!

4) Work Event

Now hear me out on this one! I’m referring to the exciting work events, not the Monday 8am meeting you’re dreading. (*crickets*) You know, the potluck that the department has been planning for the last 3 months. Or the birthday lunch that makes a 2 hour break acceptable while eating at the office fam’s favorite eatery.

I think this is why working people look forward to the holidays so much. But we welcome the out of season opportunities too!

5) After Work Engagement

Now the thought of post work plans on a Monday after 8 hours at the office could be quite scary. But…the right plans could make all the difference. Meeting a friend for happy hour? Going to a swanky networking event? Suddenly added a little spice to your Monday, huh?


So you see, Monday doesn’t always have to be that bad. Just give yourself something to look forward to!


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