“They Call Me Mellow Yellow”

{Photo credit: RSEE Photography}

Some may say that Californians don’t know what “Fall” is. Especially in Southern California. Well I beg to differ. We rock our knee high boots and (thin) peacoats just like everyone else! Even if that means breaking out these pieces when it’s only 65 degrees. Call us spoiled if you will, but stylish- I’ll take that “s” word!!

As I’m typing this the weather is still in the 80s despite the calendar telling me it’s October. But honestly, I have felt a little chill start to come in the air. Particularly in the morning when I’m shuffling in the car to get to work and on weekend evenings when my jean jacket is a life saver!

Thanks to this newly acquired chill, I’ve decided it’s time to break out my fall attire. Even if I can’t comfortably wear those pieces for a few more weeks. For some reason I just love seeing clothes for the next season right before it’s time to start breaking them back in. Especially for fall!

One struggle I always experience when it’s time to transition into fall clothes is that it’s too hot to completely pack away summer fits but not yet cool enough to start rocking those long sleeves. That’s where layering comes in.

In this outfit I paired an extended short sleeved blouse with pants and a jacket. This way if it’s cold when I leave the house and suddenly the temperature wants to heat up, I can lose the jacket and still be comfortable.

The coat pictured is lightweight but still heavy enough to keep one warm. Gotta thank Zara for versatility! And the color screams fall even if it is still Indian summer here in Cali.
Do you also take advantage of layering as the seasons change? If so, what are some ways that you transition your work wardrobe in the meantime?

Outfit details: Coat (Zara); Blouse (H&M); Pants (New York & Company); Necklace (Forever 21- similar); Pumps (Cathy Jean- similar)


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