“I’m Focused Man!”: Remaining Focused In a World Full of Distractions

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For those who may not be aware, the “I’m focused man” reference is from an old Mya song featuring Jay-Z. He declares this phrase during the intro of the song. My guess is that it was one of those in studio moments where he and whomever he was talking to, be it the producer or other, were having a conversation before recording.

If this was the case, someone or a group of someone’s (Mr. Carter included), probably thought it would be cool to include it in the recording. Well I’m glad they did. It’s a simple line that speaks volumes to the listening audience…if they’re ready to hear it that is.

Today’s world is filled with so many distractions. Social media has intensified that by about a million. It’s so easy for people to drift off into a world other than their own and scroll for hours. Only to look up and realize they have the same check list with nothing crossed off and the same life issues they’re still avoiding.

Keeping up with who is dating who or every minute detail of Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert’s recent divorce news won’t pay your bills at the end of the day. And know that it won’t bring peace to the situation you were trying to escape by scrolling in the first place. In fact, you’re more likely to feel more emotional disruption.

Maybe it’s personal life that has you distracted at work. This is common and we’ve all been there. Understandably so. However it’s a good idea to recognize the distraction and regroup so that you can focus on tasks at hand before it impacts your performance and takes a downward spiral. None of us want that.

Find what keeps you focused and centered. For me it can be as simple as turning on a relaxing Pandora station. Some other examples are sitting myself down in a quiet place to read my Bible for wisdom or escaping my thoughts with a good, empowering book. Honestly, there are even times when I come home after a long day and lie in bed doing nothing so that I can regroup.

When I’m focused, my creativity blossoms and I’m able to recharge. As a result I can handle things from a more positive place.

Perhaps you’ve been more focused on Facebook posts than your own dreams and goals. Or you find yourself at work doing more stressing about problems than getting things done. Note, I’m referring to distractions that aren’t seriously  life altering. There are some issues that may require time off or professional help. I’m not talking about those. Just the everyday stressors that we look back and say “why did I let that get to me so much?!”.

If this speaks to you, I’d encourage you to take a moment out and write down 5 ways you can get focused and back on your grind.

My hope and prayer is that you see a spike in your own productivity and motivation while knocking stress clear out of your view!


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