January 2018

Grey Bae

{Photo credit: RSee Photography}

Happy 2018 friends! It feels so good to say that. There’s nothing like a new year and a fresh start! Do you ever notice how cheery people are at the beginning of the year? Every conversation either begins or ends with a resounding “HAP-py NEW Year!”. Instant recharge.

When it comes to clothes, I’ve been finding myself attracted to flashy pieces. Not in a designer sense but in a sparkly and girlie type of way. It’s almost as if fashion is screaming new year wishes as well. What can you say? It’s in the air, right?!

Well that’s just how I felt when I strolled into Banana Republic and found this skirt. It has a celebratory pop without being over the top. (#rhymes) This skirt is perfect for the office because it can be dressed in a professional way without looking like you just missed the NYE festivities.

I paired a basic grey sweater for the look to tone it down a bit. You know, nice enough to wear to the 10am meeting but cool enough to stand around the water cooler right after. I spiced it up a bit with the necklace because while it has a little bit of bling, the base is neutral which brings it down a bit.

And the white boots…well…why not?! They make me feel like a rebel because they totally defy the “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule. Feels great to bend the rules a bit. (In this case at least.) Cheers to the new year friends!

Can’t wait to show you more office looks that will take you from 9 to fly in 2018!

Outfit details: Sweater (DKNY- vintage); Skirt (Banana Republic); Necklace (New York & Company- old); Boots (INC)