About Me

About Me


[Photo by K. Williams]

I am a creative spirit who loves to come up with out of the box ideas and bring a little sparkle to the minds of others. Much like many people with a “9-5” job, work is a necessity while said work may not match the dreams and goals one may aspire to. So I decided to write this blog to encourage these wandering souls (myself included). To inspire those who may be drained by going to work every day and perhaps to an extent limited in what they may feel is their full potential.

I have an undergraduate degree in English (emphasis in Creative Writing) and a graduate degree in Education. Inspiring others through creative mediums gives me the perfect offspring in the marriage of these two degrees. Additionally I have 9 years combined experience in the fields of healthcare and higher education.

In my downtime I enjoy doing arts and crafts, creating new meal possibilities and reading insightful books. Then in the downtime below that time (i.e. when laziness set in at its best ;)…) I enjoy relaxing while watching “Chick Flicks” and “Rom Coms” (romantic comedies) or browsing cute outfits and accessories on social media.

I look forward to inspiring you from 9 to fly! 🙂