September 2017

“From Top[shop] to Bottom”

{Photo Credit: RSEE Photo}

Guess who’s back?!I know…it’s been a minute! I’ve been so busy at my 9-5 that I was neglecting my passion project. Well I’m here with new fashion inspo for the work place!

I think many people, especially women, stuggle with being professional in the work place yet staying true to who they are style wise. How do you know when to push the envelope and when to seal it shut with Elmers glue for extra security? Depending on your work setting this could be a debatable topic.

Recently I came across the Topshop skirt pictured. It was so funky and 90s – not exactly your typical combo for a business meeting. But it was my mission to make this professional chic. I wanted to shake it up while keeping it business.

*Disclaimer: If you work in a conservative office setting, I wouldn’t recommend this Clueless vibes skirt. Not even for Casual Friday. If keeping your job is the priority then consider it for weekend wear. It pairs well with sneakers too.

For those that have more liberal work settings (using the word liberal very loosely so know your dress code well) or work in creative spaces, this look could work. The blazer and blouse dress it up in just the right way that says “Ready for the 10 o’clock meeting boss!”. Note: I made sure to wear black tights with the look to compensate for the short skirt straight out of a Madonna video.

And for those that are still questioning whether or not this look could work for their workplace, I encourage you to mix and match it up! Swap out the skirt and tights for black slacks. Or this of other occasions such as date night or brunch with friends. As the weather begins to cool down one could add a thick duster sweater in lieu of the blazer, keep the skirt and tights then add a pair of cute ankle booties.

Here’s to being your (professional) self while you kill it from 9-5 and beyond!

Outfit details: Blazer (Topshop); Blouse (New York & Company); Necklace (Target-similar); Skirt (Topshop); Tights (Target); Pumps (H&M)