5 Ways to Recharge This Weekend

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I think Friday is hands down a fan fave when it comes to weekdays. Everyone loves Fridays because it means the end of the work week and beginning of another fan fave…the weekend. (Saturday and Sunday that is…not the music artist!) From Friday at 5:01pm (or the minute after whenever you get off) through Sunday evening should be a time to recharge before the next week. Many times we get busy over the weekend and don’t find enough time to ourselves. I know I’ve had my fair share of birthday parties, baby showers, and just because events over the last couple of months. But it’s crucial we take a moment…or two…to relax and recharge before the infamous Monday.

Here are 5 Ways to Recharge This Weekend:

1) Sleep In!

Okay, somebody probably just stopped reading here because they already got all the ideas needed. Sleeping in is great.

Now I know there are some readers that have kids. And from what I hear, there is no such thing as sleeping in as a parent. If you find yourself in this category, perhaps the little one(s) will agree on a family nap at some point in the day. My fingers are crossed for you!

No matter your category, find some time to get rest somehow. And hopefully that includes ditching the alarm clock this weekend.

2) Do Something Special to You

We all have those little special things that we like to do. Sometimes they don’t make sense to others but bring us great joy. Whether that means washing your car while blasting Drake, pretending to read the newspaper at Starbucks while you secretly people watch or “window shopping” while clutching your wallet at the mall (guilty!)…if it makes you happy then find a way to incorporate it into your Saturday/Sunday schedule.

There’s this fancy hamburger place I love to go to in the O.C. (Orange County for the non-So Cal residents). Not only is the food amazing but the eating area outside is so serene. It’s in the middle of a corporate center of office buildings so the weekend is pretty quiet because everyone is off. I sometimes write or read there because it is so peaceful. Some might consider it boring but it’s just my thing that works for me and helps me to recharge.

3) Connect With Friends

Now this one can be tricky. While it’s nice to get together with friends this can sometimes make for a long, busy day. So just know your limits. If you don’t mind spending all day going from brunch to the mall to the free movie at the park back to the brunch spot for dinner then to the poetry lounge, then go for it. If that sounds too exhausting, then maybe just make it a lunch date. I find that when I get together with friends and even old co-workers I am able to unwind and share a few laughs. Always a treat before the week starts.

4) Get Your Spiritual Gas

My mom likes to say “I get my gas for the week on Sundays. I get my literal gas by filling up my car and spiritual gas by going to church.”. Okay, that might be a paraphrase more than a quote because I can’t remember her exact words at the moment (Friday brain), but you get the point. For me as a Christian woman, I too get my spiritual gas by going to church on Sundays. But I realize spirituality is different for everyone and may not always come in the form of church. And that’s fine. Maybe for some this means yoga and meditation. For others it might be reading an inspirational book. Whatever fills your spiritual tank, tap the source this weekend!

5) Buy Your Groceries for the Week

This is another tricky one because grocery shopping is not always the most exciting thing on earth to do. Despite the blah feeling I get when it’s time to go shopping, I always find that I feel better once it’s done. Especially before the work week. It’s nice to know that I have ingredients for dinner and breakfast/lunch options ready for the week. Otherwise I start hearing that nagging voice that scolds me when I find myself hitting up Subway or opting for the Enchilada plate special multiple times during the week. Sigh.


Whether you use one of the ideas listed or have your own, please make sure to recharge this weekend. Monday will thank you!



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