Motivation and Self-Discipline Through Cycling


I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Thomas Adams about cycling as exercise and a hobby. Thomas and I go way back to well…since before I was born. 🙂 As a close family friend, I’ve been able to watch and gain inspiration from his adventures cycling around So Cal and beyond. I thought it’d be a great idea to talk to him because exercise can often be such a scary topic when it should actually be one of the most embraced. Especially under the context of motivation and self-discipline. We all need to put in the work to maintain our bodies and well being. (Note: That would include me!)

9 To Fly Girl: What made you get into cycling?

Thomas: I got old! I used to play basketball but then my knees and back started to hurt. Cycling is low impact but a hard work out at the same time. You can make it what you want…flat ground, hills. I got my first bike when I was living in Atlanta then hooked up with some [other riders] when I got to LA.

9TFG: Were you working out regularly before cycling? If so, what type of workouts?

Thomas: I played basketball pretty regularly. I also golfed which I still do.

9TFG: How has cycling changed your routine both in working out and life in general?

Thomas: In my workout routine…I can work out any where unlike when I was playing basketball. I can cycle at lunch. I can cycle indoors.

As far as life [routine]…I like to make time for long rides on the weekend. Usually 3-3 ½ hours. I love being outside.

9TFG: How many times per week do you cycle?

Thomas: I average a couple times per week when the weather is right. During the summer, about 3 times per week. I take my long rides on the weekend.

9TFG: Who do you cycle with?

Thomas: A bunch of old guys like me! (*Collective laugh*) Some women join the group too. There’s a core group of 6-7 of us but can be as few as 2. Sometimes multiple groups in LA meet up and ride together.

I ride with a great group of friends! It’s fun and motivating.

9TFG: What keeps you going when you get tired?

Thomas: Staying motivated and challenging myself.  Part of it is [being driven by] competition. Other times it’s just motivation to get home! We have called Uber before!

9TFG: I bet! Those are some long rides!

9TFG: Where do you go?

Thomas: We usually meet up in Culver City. Then we decide to go North like Malibu or Marina Del Rey. Or South like Hawthorne. Twice a year we’ll ride all the way to Oxnard.

I love riding on PCH along the water. I take advantage of where we live and the great weather!

9TFG: What’s your workout inspiration?

Thomas: Being outside! As a kid a bike is the first symbol of independence. It reminds me of being a kid. Having a self powered mode of transportation is empowering.

9TFG: How does it help you with work stress?

Thomas: It’s a major stress reliever! I do yoga too but cycling lets me clear my head. I think about things when I’m on the bike. It’s spiritual for me. Like a form of meditation.

9TFG: What advice would you give someone interested in cycling?

Thomas: Start small. Learn how to be safe! I never ride without a helmet.

Enjoy it, do what you want and have fun!


If you want to check out Thomas’ adventures or use them as workout inspo of your own, check him out on Instagram: @bigtomnla !


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