Tickled Pink With Bargains

Pink Floral Print Dress Full Body 1

Photo: Shot by Kelley

My last couple posts have focused on budget friendly purchases. I think many working folks have the idea of “If I want it, I’ll get it!”. And I can understand that because if you work hard by putting in 40 hours for an employer or countless hours for yourself, you indeed deserve a reward. Working to pay the bills only isn’t a fun way to live. So something should be just for you, right? Well if you do decide to treat yourself to some fun extras, why not save a little money while doing so?

When it comes to shopping I’ve always been one to treat myself. (Should I be proud or guilty? 🙂 ) I generally stick to stores where I can get a bargain but lately I’ve been looking for some new places for fab finds. I received a gift card to Burlington Coat Factory so it was only right that I went to my nearest store to check out the inventory. To my surprise I found myself with a basket full of items to try on! Totally unexpected!

I snagged this dress and heel combo for only $60! The floral dress was right on time for spring. I love the options that the dress provides. It can be paired with a blazer for work wear or strappy sandals for a spring wedding or fancy brunch outing. And the heels – what girl can’t use a pair of pretty in pink neutral pumps?!

I hope this post inspires your own bargain hunt and helps you stash a little more of your paycheck away.

Happy [Fab Finds] Friday!

Pink Floral Print Dress Legs



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