6 Things To Do Before Summer Ends


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It’s 4th of July weekend already! How did that happen? (*gasps*) Part of my brain is still stuck in 2015! Well we’re half way through 2016 and close to half way through the summer. So before summer ends, make sure to put at least one (if not all) of these activities on your to-do list.

1)A Summer Gathering

Let me start by mentioning that this could translate into different types of “gatherings” depending on the attendees. One may refer to it as any one of the following: “a BBQ”, “cookout”, “function” or “turn up”. No matter the term used, the end goal is that a good time is had by all. Typically the more food served, the better the event. Because what’s better than ribs on a sunny summer day? Oh and let’s not forget music, games and being in the presence of good company.

2)Outdoor Adventure

So overall this category refers to taking a solo, duet or group trip which often involves a body of water. I say that in general terms because this could vary depending on where you live. For Southern California residents like myself, the beach is typically the hot spot of choice. If you’re not in a coastal region, a local river or lake would serve the same purpose. And if you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, apartment complex or neighborhood then you don’t have to go far to get in on the water action.

The common marker of summer seasons across the globe is it can get HOT! There’s nothing like beating the heat with a refreshing dip in the water.

And if all else fails, feel free to break out those water balloons or the make shift slip-in-slide (*cue in the cut up trash bags and water hose*).

3)Outdoor Movies

Watching movies on the outdoor big screen while sitting out on the grass is so, well…”summery”. Here in LA small entertainment organizations frequently host movies at beaches, parks or other outdoor spacious grassy areas. Usually classic or very well known movies are shown because hosts know that while folks are watching, it is still a social event. (Definitely not the time/place to debut a new film.) Some venues also host food trucks and bands that play before the featured movie so you can make a whole afternoon-night of it.

Don’t have these events in your city? Not to worry. With the rise in popularity of this concept, people are hosting their own versions at home. I’ve seen people put projectors in their backyard or on the front lawn and set up blankets, chairs and etc. to host their own movie night. Browse Pinterest or Google for ideas on how to pull off this concept at home. Don’t have a big enough space? Consider pairing up with neighbors to have an epic viewing.

4)Festivals and Fairs

This is one of the summer activities I look forward to the most every year. Between the two, there is always so much to explore: music, food, art. And the vendors…oh the vendors! (*looks in closet at purchases from past summer festivals and fairs*) In fact, I’m not sure which is the lesser of the two evils: the vendors or the fried desserts!

5) Blast a Summertime Song

What’s the season without summertime 90s classics like Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Summertime? The lyrics are pleasant reminders of long, fun-filled days in the sun:

“While the dj’s spinning a tune as the old folks dance at your family reunion/Then six o’clock rolls around/You just finished wiping your car down/It’s time to cruise so you head to the summertime hangout”

Why hello summer anthems! #onrepeat

6)Make Friday Count

I often feel conflicted about whether or not to count Friday as a part of the weekend. Technically Friday at 5:01pm (could be earlier or later depending on your schedule) begins the anticipated time off. Well in the summer season this concept is a little bit easier to buy since the sun is out longer and the weather is still, generally, nice in the afternoon/evenings.

So make Friday count! Get out and enjoy an evening activity. Spend time outside with family and friends.


How do you like to spend your summer fringe hours? Feel free to comment below.




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